Self-Compassion for Teachers

Teachers face unprecedented stress and demands in the current educational landscape. But, as the WestEd Center for Social and Emotional Learning and School Safety reported, 'in order to support others, educators must support themselves first. In fact, across helping professions generally, self-care is considered an ethical imperative' (Pate, 2020). This research-based course provides K-12 teachers hands-on experience with a vast array of self-compassion practices, applying these practices within their teaching role.

Teachers will discover the self-compassion tools and best practices most effective for them and develop plans to model and facilitate similar practices for students and colleagues within their respective educational roles. Teachers struggling to include themselves in the circle of care they extend to students and their families, fellow teachers, and their own loved ones will receive validation and encouragement from this course, while learning self-care practicices that can be immediately implemented into their professional lives.

NOTE: Required books must be acquired separately.

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