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ChatGPT Crash Course for Educators

2 Credits
2 Credits

What is the ChatGPT Crash Course for Educators?

The ChatGPT course introduces you to the many exciting potential uses of the AI-driven natural language processing tool - as well as the challenges it can present in your classroom. You will learn the best practices for managing use of ChatGPT and, through hands-on experience, discover how ChatGPT benefits both you and your students.

What Will You Learn?

You will master the use of ChatGPT and develop an understanding of the ways this groundbreaking technology is impacting teaching and learning. You’ll also learn how students may use ChatGPT in an attempt to bypass their learning in your class. Part of the course focuses on creation of academic integrity policies and identifying ethical criteria to judge how students use ChatGPT. The ChatGPT course also offers insight into the emotional states ChatGPT can put users into and the implications for age-specific regulation of the tool.

You will discuss a variety of topics and how they relate to or are impacted by ChatGPT, including academic integrity, student success, adaptive learning, accuracy and bias, closing skill gaps, emotional co-dependence, truthfulness and innovating learning assessment in the age of AI.

What Are the Assignments and Projects?

The graduate level professional development ChatGPT course consists primarily of curating and using online resources related to ChatGPT. You will learn how to maximize ChatGPT benefits for your classroom, including its use to close knowledge and skill gaps for students on many subjects. You’ll also learn how ChatGPT can help you with your own lesson plans, projects and creative work. Modules within the course include:

  • Getting Started with ChatGPT
  • Upgrading Your Prompt Writing Skills
  • Academic Integrity and ChatGPT
  • Closing Learning Gaps

Who Should Enroll in the ChatGPT Crash Course for Educators?

Fresno Pacific University has specifically designed this course for K-14 educators who want to understand how this emerging, popular AI-driven tool can support them in the classroom, as well as how to solve any challenges that arise. You can immediately put what you learn in the online ChatGPT Crash Course to use in your own classroom!

NOTE: There is no required book for this course.

Dr. Todd Vasquez

Dr. Vasquez loves to study and teach on the deep things of life. He brings a breadth of expertise from his studies in Theology (Ph.D.), Bible and Philosophy of Religion and Ethics (M.A.). He has been coding since the days of the Commodor64 and the Apple II, developing customized scripts and routines to automate his own workflows, and he stays up-to-date on all of the latest technological innovations. He also works as an Instructional Designer for Fresno Pacific University, assisting faculty with the design and facilitation of their online courses and leading professional development webinars on how to use the latest educational technologies.