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ACSI Teachers – Rely on Fresno Pacific University’s Professional Development Courses for Your CEUs.

Earn graduate level credit from an ACSI approved provider. Gain confidence. Integrate new content in your classroom.

Earn graduate level credit from an ACSI approved provider. Gain confidence. Integrate new content in your classroom.

Earn graduate-level credit | Gain confidence today | Apply new teaching methods tomorrow

No matter what Associate of Christian Schools International certificate level you hold, Fresno Pacific University offers hundreds of ACSI approved courses. Take an education course or dive into a specific content area and rely on professional development courses that teach real skills you can apply in your classroom immediately. With FPU you’ll meet rigorous curriculum requirements, match ACSI certificate standards and earn graduate level credit from an accredited Christian university in a convenient online or correspondence format.

ACSI members can be assured that courses are taught by a university seeped in a tradition of holding to Christian and biblical standards. Specifically, the mission of FPU Continuing Education is to model and to extend the kingdom of God in this world through professional development dedicated to meeting the lifelong learning needs of individuals serving society while engaged in the professions. We encourage you to enroll in our courses and let us help you not only maintain your ACSI certification but also be a part of teaching you new ideas to integrate into your Christian classroom.

Meet your CPoE and educational course requirement with ONE online course!

EDU-933: Biblical Worldview Integration

Biblical Worldview Integration, EDU-933, is our most popular course for Christian educators. Why? Because this 3 unit course counts toward both the Christian Philosophy of Education (CPoE) requirement and the educational studies hours for renewal of your ACSI certification. Learn effective strategies to help your students develop habits of thinking that are based on the truth and grounded in God's Word.

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Student Insights

“Intelligent course. Not just busy work like I have had at other schools. Professor is quick to grade and provides good feedback. I would certainly recommend the course.”

“Very practical and effective course for Biblical Integration. I created tools and material I can actually apply in my class.”

“I would highly recommend this class. Its content, delivery style, and ease of combining methods with philosophy of Christian education was a great bonus.”

Why Choose FPU to
Maintain Your ACSI Certification

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    The convenience of completing courses online allows you to increase your skills while working full time.
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    Enroll in the required and elective courses one at a time and take up to an entire year to complete each one. There is no need to visit the Fresno Pacific University Campus.
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    FPU has created a supportive online experience. Instructors are available to answer questions, give feedback, and provide guidance.
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    Pay for each course as you go through the program. There is no need to fund the cost of the certificate upfront.
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    Course instructors at FPU have classroom teaching experience and advanced degrees and are instrumental in the development of engaging courses.
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    FPU professional development courses can help you earn certifications and salary increases. Depending on your location, some school districts offer tens of thousands of dollars per year for course units.