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Understanding Human Trafficking

Understanding Human Trafficking

Based on ten years of experience combating sex and labor trafficking, Central Valley Justice Coalition offers this course that exposes participants to the current realities of trafficking in California and beyond.  Participants will understand the definition of human trafficking and how it differs from other forms of exploitation, discover the factors which create vulnerabilities that lead to victimization, and explore the means of manipulation that traffickers employ.  With a clearer understanding of the issue, participants will be better equipped to recognize trafficking in their schools and communities, to identify risk factors, and to offer intervention. The knowledge gained in this class will help impact the language and the conversation around trafficking which our current culture promotes.

Highlights of the Program

  • Understand and explain the definition of human trafficking
  • Recognize recruiting tactics of traffickers and identify vulnerabilities of victims
  • Analyze the impact of family and community on personal choice
  • Analyze similarities and differences in sex and labor trafficking
  • Reflect on previously held beliefs and assumptions about human trafficking and the impact of misunderstandings
  • Identify ways of helping others avoid risk and reduce threatening situations
  • Complete the program at your pace and on your own schedule
  • Online course includes five modules and supporting video content
  • Learn from Central Valley Justice Coalition experts, Christa Wiens and Jessica Pittman

HBM-020: Understanding Human Trafficking