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STEM Teaching Certificate


The STEM Teaching Certificate online provides K-14 educators with an opportunity to expand their skills and methods for engaging students in rich, powerful STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning experiences. The certificate for STEM teaching focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to teaching where STEM-related concepts are coupled with real-world situations. Through standards-based courses, teachers will learn how to inspire students to think critically and apply mathematics, science, and engineering to solve everyday problems. These online professional development courses integrate concepts that are usually taught as separate subjects and emphasize the application of knowledge. Teachers are encouraged to network with a wider teaching community of educators from all over the country as they share and evaluate research, resources, lessons, and strategies.



Fresno Pacific University makes continuing education possible for K-14 educators with a busy schedule. FPU designed individual science, technology, engineering, and math graduate-level courses that build into a STEM Teaching Certificate. Earning an online certificate is possible for the working teacher.

  • Convenience
    • Online convenience makes it easy to complete your credits and learn at your pace. Advance your skills while still working a full-time job.
  • Flexibility
    • Enroll in individual courses anytime and take up to an entire year to complete each course without any need to visit the FPU campus. There is no time limit on when you need to complete all the required/elective courses to earn the certificate.
  • Support
    • Instructors are available to give you the individualized support that you need, whether you are looking for an answer to a simple question or general guidance. FPU support does not stop after you finish a course.
  • Value
    • Unlike single-day or weekend workshops, FPU’s certificate dives deeper into STEM topics and gives time for teacher practice, engagement, and reflection.
  • Expertise
    • Course instructors at FPU are veteran teachers with classroom experience and advanced degrees who are instrumental in the development of engaging courses.
  • Salary
    • Professional development courses can help you earn certifications and salary increases. Some districts offer thousands of dollars per year for taking courses.

"This class had so much information to help me get started with STEM projects. I learned there are many ways to be successful and engage students."

-Teacher, New York

"I learned a lot about STEM and myself as a teacher. I've learned strategies that will definitely give more opportunities for my students, now and in the future, to learn the skills they will need to be better prepared for the 21st century!"

-Teacher, Michigan



The first step is to enroll in the required course listed below.  Once the required course is completed, complete any four of the elective courses listed. 

Required Course:
Elective Courses:

How do I obtain the certificate?

  1. Complete one of the required courses and 4 elective courses as specified above.
  2. Click to download the application form.
  3. Return completed application form to CE office, as stated on the form.
  4. Upon receipt of the completed application form, and verification of successful completion of the 15 units, the certificate is awarded and posted to the participant's transcript.