Why Choose Fresno Pacific University to Earn a Degree?

Fresno Pacific UniversityCollege students face thousands of choices when deciding which school to attend, as do educators looking to expand their knowledge. Each university offers its own advantages, but some provide a better fit than others.

Much of the decision rests on what is important to each student.

Fresno Pacific University, founded in 1944, offers many advantages to students both in and outside the San Joaquin Valley in California. They include the following.

Online and Traditional Classes

Fresno Pacific University offers a wide range of classes in many majors, both in traditional campus settings and online. The online programs include undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as degree completion, biblical seminary programs, and continuing education programs for teachers.

A Great Choice for Educators

Teachers, coaches and administrators who want to meet continuing education requirements in California or expand their knowledge in hundreds of important educational areas will find what they need at Fresno Pacific. The school offers independent studies and workshops for educators. Fresno Pacific also offers courses in restorative strategies.

Offering Professionals New Skills

In its slate of professional development certificate courses, all offered online, Fresno Pacific gives working professionals a flexible class structure that allows them to earn certificates around busy professional and personal schedules. Certificates are available in:

  • Classroom Technology Integration
  • Coaching for Excellence
  • Digital innovator
  • STEM Teaching
  • Technology Skills for Educators

 Micro-credentials Toward a Graduate Degree

In partnering with Bloomboard, Fresno Pacific offers the opportunity for educators to earn graduate credit through taking micro-credential courses. The primary advantage of micro-credentials is that an educator can master one skill at a time through each micro-credential earned. In addition to the education they can immediately apply in the classroom, they also get evaluated and earn the micro-credential, which can be used toward school credit in competency-based degree programs such as those offered by Fresno Pacific.

Experienced Staff

About 80 percent of all Fresno Pacific staff hold doctorate degrees. All of them have earned expertise in their subject areas through education and real-world experience, meaning they understand both theories and how to apply them to challenges encountered in the professional world.

Christian Education

Fresno Pacific University is the only accredited Christian college in the San Joaquin Valley. In addition to a great education, the university also offers students support in their faith and developing strong ethical values to apply in their chosen profession.

Fresno Pacific University offers a great education for students in the area as well as educators and professionals everywhere. It’s a school worth considering for those ready to improve their personal lives and professional careers through higher education.


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