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Continuing Education Mission Statement

Fresno Pacific University

Fresno Pacific University is located in Central California in the San Joaquin Valley. The university is situated on a 42-acre campus in Fresno, California, between the Sierra Nevada Mountains one hour to the east, and the beaches of the Pacific Ocean, two hours to the west.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education (CE) offers a variety of independent study courses to help meet the ever-increasing demand for professional growth for K-14 educators. The primary goal of Continuing Education is to meet the needs of school districts by providing training that will strengthen the teachers, the school districts, and the students they serve. To provide flexibility and to better serve the needs of the school community, these courses are delivered through a combination of modalities.

They are not on-campus courses and may be taken anyplace and anytime (independent study courses have also been described as correspondence courses, self-directed independent learning courses, and distance education courses). This program provides an excellent way for educators to increase their content knowledge, sharpen teaching skills, or just study in a special interest area. Courses may be used, with district approval, for professional advancement. CE currently serves over 10,000 educators across all 50 states and in 10 foreign countries.

Continuing Education Mission Statement

To model and extend the Kingdom of God in this world through professional development and dedicated to meeting the lifelong learning needs of individuals serving society while engaged in the professions.

Continuing Education Vision Statement

Creating opportunities to transform lives through lifelong learning.

Continuing Education Purpose Statement

Continuing Education is an academic community devoted to teaching and learning, wherein our students pursue both intellectual and professional growth. 

Continuing Education seeks to integrate theory and practice through innovative strategies and to encourage professionals in informed reflection on values that inspire the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior in the pursuit of excellence in their chosen field, in order to bring transformation to society.

Independent Study Courses

These independent study courses have been developed by well-qualified K-14 practitioners who understand the problems and needs in the classroom, and are available to give support throughout the course of study. Each course is designed to be challenging and enjoyable; however, the flexibility and freedom to work at one's own pace as offered by this program require self-discipline. As with all independent projects, one should be prepared to take responsibility for the completion and the successful outcomes of taking the course. Admission to the university is not necessary in order to register for independent study courses, nor does enrollment in these courses constitute acceptance into the university. Enrollment in these courses may be accomplished online or by telephone anytime throughout the year.


The school began as Pacific Bible Institute in 1944. After a transitional junior college phase, Fresno Pacific University received Western Association of Schools and Colleges accreditation in 1965, the same year in which the first Bachelor of Arts degrees were granted. A fully accredited graduate program in Education was initiated in 1976. The growth and development of undergraduate, graduate and professional studies programs led to renaming the college Fresno Pacific University. Fresno Pacific University is the only fully accredited, Christian liberal arts senior school in the southern part of California's great Central Valley. Fresno Pacific University serves not only members of the Mennonite Brethren Church but also persons from the larger church and public.