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Sam Jessup

Subject Expertise: Graphic Design, Mass Communication, Business, Fine Arts, Cartography, Geoscience
Education: MBA in Business/Marketing from Fresno State; BS in Liberal Arts/Mass Communication from Texas A&M
Hometown: El Paso, TX, but lives in Fresno, CA today
Home Church: First Presbyterian Church, Fresno, CA

Education is a crucial part of helping others develop lifelong, critical thinking and learning skills. Students, no matter their age, are best served by becoming self-directed learners with their natural curiosities engaged. In my roles as an instructor, I have placed myself in the role as an encouraging lynchpin for positive learning and exploration.

I have found the most success using the simple method of engaging those I am teaching with material they are eager to learn, showing them how it can be directly applicable and useful. Following the philosophy of actively demonstrating, then having the student demonstrate understanding. It is deeply satisfying, and I have been applying these principles for the last 18 years.

Professional Experience: For over 20 years, I have successfully led and taught teams in multiple subjects. Teaching software applications, publishing, graphic design, as well as integrated marketing communications, team building, digital marketing, and branding. During those that experience, I have been able to effectively communicate, teach and explain scientific, business, justice and Christian faith to all sorts of audiences. 

Personal Experience: I have travelled to over 6 countries (including my native Texas).

Scholarly Interests: Organizational Development/Management; Graphic Design, Digital Arts, Publishing, Science

Honors and Awards: Editorial Design Award, GDUSA’s American Inhouse Design Awards™ (2012 & 2013)

Publications: Read Touch Click - a Branding & Style Guide (author); A Bridge to the Nations: Volumes 8 & 9 (Publisher/Editor in Chief)

Recommended Reading: Managing Organizational Behavior - Baldwin, Bommer. Rubin; Start with Why - Sinek; Less Chaos, Less Noise - Meyer; But What If We're Wrong? - Klosterman; Also, deeply influenced by the work of Tolkein, Lewis, Herbert and King

Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 5:6 ~ "When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us."

Favorite Music: Rock (new/alt/classic), Classic R&B/Soul, Electronica; Fun fact: Ask me literally anything about the band Rush)

Favorite Activities: Reading, writing, traveling, museums, history, sci-fi, comedy & mysteries

Family Info: Married to Sheryl who makes me a better person; 2 awesome children that also make me better person - Emily and Carter

What Matters: Kindness, generosity and integrity

Pet Peeves: Racism, arrogance and incuriosity

What I Like About FPU: The beauty of the campus, and the friendliness of the campus culture.