Dr. Julie Lane

Subject Expertise: Special Education/Music
Education: EdD in Educational Leadership, Administration, & Policy from Pepperdine University; MA in Special Education from Chapman University; MM in Music Performance (Harp) from University of Redlands; BM in Music Performance (Harp) from California State University, Fullerton 
Hometown: Tustin, CA


As a trained special educator and associate professor for Fresno Pacific University, I advocate for children with special needs. I believe it takes a village to raise a child.  My educational philosophy, leadership style, and research contributions resonate with this familiar expression. I seek to link my participatory mixed methods research approach with community stakeholder partnership development with schools to actualize village resources on behalf of children.  Being able to teach for the Center for Professional Development allows me to share knowledge and expertise in the field of special education while encouraging not just inclusive practices, but creating villages where all of God’s people belong.

Professional Experience: Fresno Pacific University - Associate Professor; Previously, Division Chair of Special Education and currently, Division Chair of Educational Leadership; Pepperdine University - Adjunct Faculty; Alternative Designs in Special Education - Founder & Principal consultant 

Personal Experience: Research areas on the development of special education programming in Christian and private education. Along with this is looking at the types of special education programs in Christian and private schools and gaining an understanding of the types of school leaders who embrace such programs.

Scholarly Interests: Educational Technology

Honors and Awards: Provost Grant 2015; Merit Award 2015; Merit Award 2013, Provost Grant 2012

Publications: Lane, J. M. (2017). Special education staffing and service models in Christian schools. Journal of Research in Christian Education, 26(3), 225-236. Lane, J. M., & Jones, D. R. (2016).  Inclusion in international schools:  A study of theoretical principles, ethical practices, and consequentialist theories in school administrators.  Journal of Psychology Research, 5(6), 287-300. Lane, J. M., & Jones, D. R. (2015).  Child find practices in Christian schools. Journal of Research in Christian Education, 24(3), 212-223. Lane, J. M., & Jones, D. R. (2015).  Children with special needs: Enrollment practices in Christian schools.  Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability, 4(2), 99-112. Lane, J. M., & Jones, D. R. (2014).  Special education professional development in Christian schools. Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability, 3(2), 45-68. Lane, J. M., & Kinnison, Q. P. (2014). Welcoming children with special needs: Empowering Christian special education through purpose, policy, and procedures. Bloomington, IN: Westbow Press. Lane, J. M. (2011). Special education in Christian schools: Post professional development support, Available from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (AAT 3475101).

Favorite Activities: Spend time with family

What Matters: The simple things in life; God’s love.

What I Like About FPU: I believe serving at Fresno Pacific University provides me with the opportunity to use my God-given talents to lead others while exploring my passions. With the new California State standards that we must now adhere to and the new program that must be written, I have the opportunity to lead a dynamic team of professionals in finding innovative and effective means to develop new programs and serve those in the central valley and throughout the state.