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Dr. Allan Hedberg

Subject Expertise: Psychology, Mental Health, Behavior Analysis, and Behavior Change
Education: PhD in Psychology from Queen's University; MA and BA in Psychology from Northern Illinois University
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Home Church: The Bridge, Fresno, CA

Dr. Allan G. Hedberg is a clinical psychologist and maintains a private practice in Fresno, California.  He received his doctorate in 1969, from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.  He has published over 150 papers and has presented many professional seminars on various topics, such as addictive behavior problems, marriage and family enrichment, the aging brain, depression and leadership.  He is the author of ten books and contributing author to 4 books.

In addition to his private practice, he serves as a consultant to businesses, hospitals, schools, churches, and various community social agencies and organizations.  He is a frequent speaker and provides training workshops and seminars to both professional and lay groups on topics such as stress management, addiction, health management, depression, family relationships, and marital enrichment.  He is frequently interviewed on radio and television regarding the psychological implications of current events.

Dr. Hedberg is active in professional affairs and has held offices in several professional organizations.  He served as president of the San Joaquin Psychological Association, Chairman of the Division of Clinical and Professional Psychology of the California State Psychological Association, President of the California Psychological Association.  He also served on the Board of Governors of Trinity Western University, British Columbia, Canada for the past 22 years, and served as Chairman of the Board for five years.

Currently, he produces a weekly television series on, entitled, Doctor, Teach Me to Parent. He also produces a weekly podcast, entitled, The Psychology Report, which may be accessed on

Dr. Hedberg and his wife, Bernice, live in Fresno, California.  They both are active in their community affairs.  Their three children, Carrie, Darcie, and Ethan, and their spouses are active in their respective professions. They have eight grandchildren.

Professional Experience: The field of psychology including mental health, behavior analysis, and behavioral change

Scholarly Interests: Jonathan Edwards, Writing, Psychology and History, and Psychological Studies

Honors and Awards: Past President of California Psychological Association, Distinguished Psychologist of California Psychological Association, Distinguished Psychologist San Joaquin Valley Psychological Association

Publications: 14 books and over 150 articles

Favorite Music: Old hymns of the church

Favorite Activities: Antiquing, writing, traveling, and fishing

Family Info: Dr. Hedberg and his wife, Bernice, have three children, Carrie, Darcie, and Ethan, and their spouses who are all active in their respective professions. They also have eight grandchildren.

What I Like About FPU: It adds strength to the local community.