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Kagan Professional Development

Kagan Professional Development

Register for the training with Kagan Professional Development BEFORE you register for credit with FPU.

Kagan Professional Development specializes in full student engagement. What sets Kagan courses apart from other courses is the focus on Kagan Structures. Kagan Structures are relatively easy to learn and use instructional strategies that implement powerful, research-based principles. Kagan Structures can be used across the grades and subject areas to “structure” the interaction of students as they learn in pairs, teams, and with classmates. Kagan Structures create an unparalleled level of active engagement and have a proven track record of increasing student achievement, decreasing discipline issues, and developing the personal and social skills students need to succeed in school and beyond.

Top Kagan workshops include:

Cooperative Learning

Win-Win Discipline

Brain-Friendly Instruction

Building Classroom Community

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

High-Risk Classroom

English Language Learners

Subject-Specific Workshops

Click here to see Kagan’s full schedule of events and to register for your Kagan workshop.

NOTE: Students must have already attended a Kagan workshop (within 1 year) or registered for the course through Kagan PRIOR TO registering for college credit through Fresno Pacific University.  WHEN REGISTERING WITH FPU, SELECT THE TOPIC THAT CORRESPONDS WITH YOUR KAGAN WORKSHOP TOPIC. 

Graduate-level units are available as follows:

  • 1 unit available for attending Day 1 or Day 1-2

  • 2 units available for attending 3 or 4 days

  • 3 units available for attending 5 days

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