Teacher Protocols Stack

Think-Pair-Share - INT-1576S1

Think-Pair-Share: Educator encourages students to refine a critical response to a provocative prompt through individual contemplation, small group conferences, and group discussion of their conclusions. View Microcredential

Jigsaw - INT-1576S

Jigsaw: Educator leverages collaboration with differentiated, independent student mastery of specific concepts or subtasks to achieve greater overall understanding. View Microcredential

Wait Time - INT-1575Q

Wait Time: Demonstrating and including wait time in instruction. View Microcredential

Activating Prior Knowledge - INT-1575J

Activating Prior Knowledge: Tapping into students? existing knowledge of a subject to increase future learning gains. View Microcredential

Provactive Prompts - INT-1575J1

Provocative Prompts: Educator inspires deeper student discussion and greater student engagement through the use of thought-provoking prompts. View Microcredential