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Student Comments

"Content provided allows you to take what you learn and immediately use it to enhance lessons in your classroom." 

Amy | Strasburg, PA

"It provides me a learning experience that I can apply to the classroom setting right away."

Jeff | Newington, CT

"The information that I have been able to learn and then apply in my classroom from the courses that I have taken has been amazing."

Brian | York, PA

"I love the self-paced flow of the courses I've taken. They are appropriately challenging and have direct application to my role as an educator."

Amanda | Adingson, MD

"The coursework was very helpful to me as I try to keep up with new developments in technology."

Lee | O'Fallon, MO

"I enjoy the classes and the instructors have a personal touch."

Susan | North Lauderdale, FL

"I have been teaching for 25 years and have taken many courses. This was the most beneficial class I have ever taken and can apply what I have learned to my students."

Mary | Waupaca, WI

"I love courses from FPU! They fit my schedule and are extremely pertinent to my job."

Kari | Napolean, OH

"To have the professors contact me personally is amazing. They are always available. Thanks for outstanding classes!"

Ana | Fresno, CA

"I think that Fresno Pacific offers coursework which is beneficial to me and helps me grow as a teacher which then allows me to raise the bar for my students."

Stephanie | Fairview, PA

"This class was phenomenal ... I discovered so many new lessons, concepts and experiments to bring to my classroom that this class was undoubtedly one of the most useful and best classes that I have ever taken part in.... Well worth every penny."

Christian | Dunmore, PA

"Awesome course! I learned so much about how to integrate science and engineering with technology and mathematics and create inspiring lessons!"

Joanne | Middletown, NJ

"I would definitely recommend Fresno Pacific University courses! The coursework is very organized and useful for educators you want more ideas for teaching today's learners."

Laura | Bernville, PA

"Great opportunity to self-pace through an amazing selection of courses."

Donna | Framingham, MA

"The independent study program is perfect when balancing busy professional and personal lives."

Norm | Wheaton, IL

"The classes are highly relevant and it's so convenient to be able to work at my own pace."

Margaret | Ringwood, NJ

"VERY convenient. I worked at my own pace and according to my schedule."

Monica | Elk Grove, CA

"Thank you for providing educators to learn from the comfort of their homes by offering challenging yet extremely rewarding courses. This allows me to teach during the day, raise my family and still earn graduate credit."

Jennifer | Kingsman, OH

"The instructor set up the class in a clear and organized way and feedback was given in a timely manner."

Mary | Miller Place, NY

"The most "bang for my buck". VERY USEFUL CLASS!"

John | Martinsburg, WV

"I learn what I need to, on my own time, and at a price point I can afford."

Julia | Hudson, OH

"Thank you!  I have already recommended your class to colleagues and will continue to do so.  It was honestly the most enjoyable graduate class I've taken. I also appreciate you grading my work and submitting it to Fresno Pacific so quickly."

Stephanie | Chester, MD