Social Mindsets Stack

Ethical Behavior - HBM-1573Z

Ethical Behavior: In our multicultural, digital age, defining standards of ethical behavior has become more complex and controversial than ever before; students must understand new principles of digital citizenship and timeless universal ethical values to guide them as they build their own ethical values and behaviors. View Microcredential

Belonging & Caring - INT-1576E

Belonging & Caring: Having a regular time to check in with a consistent group of peers and an adult to share what's happening in their lives helps students build a sense of belonging and caring. View Microcredential

Getting Help & Support - HBM-1573Z1

Getting Help & Support: The ability to seek and get needed help and support in learning and in life can make a big difference in what students can achieve, how empowered they feel, their levels of confidence and self-esteem, and more. Practicing strategies for positive help-seeking and support finding can enhance students' social support. View Microcredential