Learn Classroom Technology Integration with a Digital Innovator Certificate

Innovative technology offers teachers an abundance of options in how they convey information to students. However, making the most of technology integration in the classroom requires that teachers take professional development courses to expand their knowledge in this important area. 

Fresno Pacific University has created a Digital Innovator Certificate program for just that purpose. Teachers who complete the course not only learn about technology integration in the classroom but also earn continuing education credits that go toward meeting their state’s requirements for maintaining a teaching certificate. 

The Digital Innovator program also offers teachers the chance to earn a graduate-level certificate in just five months.  

Digital Innovator Certificate Requirements and Details 

Fresno Pacific University has partnered with CUE, a 19,000-member educational non-profit, to develop the Digital Innovator Certificate. Earning the certificate requires completing six required courses and six additional units of continuing education electives.  

Top-flight educators lead this five-month cohort that explores technology integration in the classroom. They rank among the most energetic, innovative educational thinkers available for professional development courses. 

Required Courses 

Teachers complete the following six courses as part of the certificate program. 

  • Introduction to Digital Innovator 
  • Google/YouTube in the Classroom 
  • Innovative Pedagogies 
  • Mobile Technologies  
  • Innovative Best Practices 
  • Innovative Education Project 

Elective Courses 

In the long list of electives offered by Fresno Pacific University, teachers can find a course that addresses their specific needs. The more than 30 elective courses include topics such as coding, Google Earth, data-driven decision making, cloud computing, Twitter, creating a classroom website and many more options.  

Meeting State Requirements 

The Digital Innovator Certificate is one of just many courses offered through Fresno Pacific University. The 100% online courses provided by the university offer teachers across the country a chance to earn professional development credits that help them meet state requirements for renewing a teaching certificate. Those include teachers in Massachusetts, Maryland and Missouri. 

These states recognize Fresno Pacific University as a quality provider of continuing education for teachers. For example, Massachusetts has approved Fresno Pacific University as a professional development provider for teachers in the state. Completing Fresno Pacific University professional development courses counts toward earning Professional Development Points for Massachusetts teachers. 

Other Digital Courses 

Fresno Pacific University offers a large range of courses training teachers how to integrate technology into their classrooms. 

The Classroom Technology Integration Certificate focuses on the use of technology as a vital instructional tool and provides teachers with techniques to become more effective and efficient in their use of technology. Teachers choose 15 credits (five courses) from a list of more than 20 courses. 

The Technology Skills for Educators Certificate offers courses that encourage teachers to expand their skills and build expertise in the use of different educational technologies. Teachers choose 15 credits (five courses) from more than 20 elective courses. Technologies explored in the courses include Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop and video production. 

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