Math 20/20 Certified Instructor Stack

Uses Engagement Strategies: Book Club - INT-1576N1

Uses Engagement Strategies: Book Club: The instructor effectively implements participant engagement strategies.  View Microcredential

SMP Anchor Charts - INT-1576B1

Makes Connections to SMPs: SMP Anchor Charts:  The instructor makes connections between the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMPs) and the content standards. View Microcredential

Mining Mats - INT-1576B

Consolidates Learning: Mining Mats: The instructor facilitates participant consolidation of participant learning.  View Microcredential

Facilitates Discussion - Student Work Analysis - HBM-1573N

Facilitates Discussions: Student Work Analysis: The instructor effectively facilitates simultaneous small-group discussions. View Microcredential

Anticipates Student Strategies - MAT-1444A

Anticipates Student Strategies: The instructor anticipates student strategies for solving a given mathematical task and effectively facilitates participant learning and application of these strategies. View Microcredential

Analyzes Feedback - Feedback Forms - HBM-1573N1

Analyzes Feedback: Feedback Forms: The instructor solicits and effectively analyzes feedback from participants. View Microcredential

Pacing - MAT-1444A1

Pacing: The instructor paces instruction effectively. View Microcredential

Inquiry-Based Tchng Strategies - INT-1579A

Inquiry-Based Teaching Strategies: The instructor uses inquiry-based teaching strategies effectively to facilitate learning.  View Microcredential

Planning and Preparation - INT-1579A1

Planning and Preparation: The instructor effectively plans and prepares for the session. View Microcredential

Content Conversations - INT-1576N

Facilitates Content Conversations: Standards Talks The instructor effectively demonstrates a command of the mathematical content standards. View Microcredential