Maryam Torbati, Ph.D. Workshops

Click here to view Dr. Maryam Torbati's Workshop Flyer.  Students must email Dr. Torbati,, to obtain the mandatory 35-page reading assignment.  No registrations allowed after 4PM the day prior to the Workshop.

Art of Effective Assessment - IND 1220 10/27/18

This one-day seminar is designed to develop help for the participant learning about the many types of assessments and improve their knowledge & skills in how taking tests can be pleasant, and how to remove the fear from assessment.

Art of Music, Science & Content - IND 1206 11/3/18

This workshop is designed for all types of teachers in a variety of areas & subjects to be familiar with two forms of arts (visual art & music) and their usage across curriculum.  While reading, writing and mathematics are tools for expressing and understanding ideas and information, curricular areas such as art, and music inspire students to be active and creative.  From books and projects, this session stresses practical strategies for collaborating with teachers across the curriculum to address standards, as well as promote a passion for learning.

7 Secrets of Success - IND 1230 11/10/18

The strength to succeed comes from your ability to master your attitude.  Successful individuals recognize their attitude ultimately sets their altitude.  Discover the power your positive attitude has to help you achieve your goals and the ultimate success.

The Art of Teaching Science with CCSS - IND 1359 1/19/19

This course is designed to reinforce current methodologies of teaching science with CCSS for understanding and provide teachers with more practical experience, theoretical background, and pedagogical skills.  It is also designed to help you to continue to develop a foundation of science teaching strategies that engage students in the exploration and discovery of the world of science.