Managing the Project Cycle Stack

Executing a Learning Project - INT-1576L

Executing a Learning Project: Guiding the execution and successful completion of the main activities of the learning project. View Microcredential

Initiating a Learning Project - INT-1576Z1

Initiating a Learning Project: Defining and starting a project with clarity and creativity. View Microcredential

Managing the Learning Project Cycle - INT-1576U

Managing the Learning Project Cycle: Managing and guiding the four stages of the project cycle in a student learning project. View Microcredential

Monitoring & Controlling a Learning Project - INT-1576U1

Monitoring and Controlling a Learning Project: Monitoring and improving the project work, teamwork, and learning through all phases of a student learning project. View Microcredential

Planning a Learning Project - INT-1576Z

Planning a Learning Project: Careful planning, arranging, and tracking of a project?s workflow. View Microcredential

Closing a Learning Project - INT-1576L1

Closing a Learning Project: Guiding the reviews and evaluations of project and student outcomes in a completed learning project. View Microcredential