Madera County Superintendent of Schools

PBIS Leadership Training Yr 1 - HBM 1541A

For Madera County Educators - Madera COE invites you to join us in a 5 day series of workshops focused on developing a Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) Leadership Team - the first step in bringing PBIS to your school site.

PBIS Year 2 Training 2018-2019 Cohorts - HBM 1585A

Madera County Superintendent of Schools invites you to join us in a series of workshops focuses on developing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) for Tier 1 Leadership Team or Tier 2 Behavior Support Team Implementation that totals 4 meetings equaling 15 hours of training. 

Cohort 1 = 8/22/18

Cohort 2 = 8/23/18

Academic Pentathlon for Coaches 2019 - IND 1358

Open to Madera County Coaches Only

Coaches will "dig deeper" into the 2019 Academic Pentathlon subject matter which focuses on the 1960s.  Time spent with the middle school Academic Pentathlon team and the materials will be chronicled.  Coaches will earn a variable number of units based on the recorded number of hours documented with students, preparation for student study sessions, and event reflection.  For course related questions, please contact Kristi Winter,