Learning Practices Stack

Designing Effective Solutions - INT-1576I

Designing Effective Solutions: Using a tested design and development group project methodology to support student design teams as they collaboratively create an effective solution to a problem or challenge. View Microcredential

Seeking Well-Being - INT-1576M1

Seeking Well-being: Developing one?s physical, mental, and emotional well-being through regular practice, including fitness training, participation in a sport or martial art, diet and nutritional changes, meditation, yoga, or other practices, can develop lifelong health and wellness practices and support deeper learning. View Microcredential

Crafting Driving Questions - INT-1575K

Crafting Driving Questions: Using proven inquiry strategies to motivate and guide deeper learning. View Microcredential

Expressing Personal Perspectives - INT-1576M

Expressing Personal Perspectives: Expressing a personal perspective in learning projects that involve creative writing, poetry, art, illustrations, painting, sculpture, music, dance, drama, film, digital media, product design, or other creative endeavors?provides opportunities for students to develop their personal voice, increase self-confidence and self-direction, exercise their imagination and creativity, and gain transferable project skills such as defining, planning, and carrying out designs; learning from mistakes; improvising; and evaluating the impact of their work. View Microcredential

Evidence-Backed Positions - INT-1575L

Evidence-backed Positions: Taking a stand on an issue, writing persuasive editorials or essays, presenting arguments for a particular perspective or policy, or participating in informal or formal team debates engages students in learning projects that build a number of essential communication, critical thinking, and deep learning skills such as researching, analyzing, clarifying, categorizing, prioritizing, questioning, explaining, defending, and most importantly, building a case with strong evidence to support a position. View Microcredential