Wil Reimer

Subject Expertise: Mathematics
Education: MA from Stanford University; BS from Fresno State College
Hometown: Reedley, CA, but lives in Fresno, CA today
Home Church: Butler Avenue Mennonite Brethren, Fresno, CA


Giving teachers tools to stimulate motivation in their mathematics students is my goal. Whether teaching at the middle school, high school, or university level, I found that students who became interested in the subject were more likely to succeed—sometimes beyond their own expectations. Exposure to mathematics history and problem-solving strategies helps to answer that nagging question of “When am I ever going to use this?” by showing real-life applications. At Stanford, I studied under George Polya, one of the 20th century’s most influential mathematicians, especially known for his work in problem-solving. Polya’s dynamic classroom presence has been a model for me. It was my special challenge to show students that success was possible and that solving problems could be invigorating and--even--fun!

Professional Experience: Two years junior high, seven years high school, 33 years at FPU; Summer math festivals and AIMS workshops

Publications: Mathematicians Are People, Too, Vols 1 & 2*; Historical Connections, Vols 1, 2, & 3*; What’s Next?, Vols 1, 2, & 3 *Written with my wife, Luetta

Favorite Activities: Travel, reading, exercise, family

Family Info: Two wonderful children, Elaine and Paul, both with terrific spouses; five exceedingly bright and beautiful grandchildren

What I Like About FPU: Great values, wonderful colleagues, dedicated students