Mary Miche

Subject Expertise: Music - Teacher education and training
Education: MS in Education from CS East Bay; MS in Theological Studies from UC Berkeley; BA in Music from UC Santa Cruz
Hometown: Lakeport, CA
Home Church: Quaker Meeting, Lakeport, CA


I love to work with teachers. You are all such a dedicated group of individuals. People who pass up fame and fortune to work with children (of all ages) rate high on my list of those who are the true salt of the earth.

Professional Experience: 40 years in education; have worked in over 40 elementary schools

Personal Experience: Single until age 40; married at 40, had a child at age 41

Scholarly Interests: The influence of music on learning and the transference of the neurobiological streamlining to other subject areas

Publications: Weaving Music into Young Minds, Cengage Learning, 2002

Recommended Reading: After the Ecstasy the Laundry, by Jack Kornfield

Favorite Bible Verse: Matthew 7:2 ~ "With what measure you measure will be measured back to you."

Favorite Music: Mozart Requiem

Favorite Activities: Spend time with family

Family Info: Married to a great husband who cooks. I have one fabulous son.

What Matters: Kindness

Pet Peeves: Negative thinking (people who say yes, but I can't possibly...)

What I Like About FPU: Connection with spirituality and learning