Video Production: Adobe Premiere Elements

  • TEC-931P
  • 3 Credits
  • Correspondence
  • 4.89 out of 5 stars

Premiere Elements 12 is designed for the beginner to experienced educator interested in learning the basics of creating and editing movies. The textbook, "Adobe Premiere Elements 12 for Windows & Mac, by Adobe Press, will provide the teacher with the foundation for completing this course. The participants will be asked to edit and create various movies while working through the textbook and create a video project. In addition, an electronic Journal of Experiences, a Tips/Notes document will be kept, along with two lesson plan outlines for teaching Adobe Premiere Elements to students and colleagues. The textbook is designed around the application Adobe Premiere Elements. Adobe Premiere Elements 12 or higher. Materials will not be mailed for this course. Internet access is required for this class. Students will be emailed the complete course syllabus and a link to the publisher to purchase and download the course textbook. Students should have a copy of the software Adobe Premiere Elements 12 or higher or make sure they can secure a copy before registering for this course. TEC 931P is for Apple and Windows platforms.

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