History of Ancient Israel

Many courses of ancient history offer interesting information about people, places, and events. Such courses identify how nations developed, chose a place they would call home, and impacted the world for good or evil. But the history of Israel is quite different. This nation was not conceived in the mind of man but was the brainchild of God. Not only did He choose the man and woman from whom the nation was birthed, but also chose the land they would eventually call home. Though the History of Ancient Israel was written many years ago, in a different language and culture from ours, the story of this nation continues to be written on the pages of our newspapers and in the daily television newscasts. Israel is the only nation whose prophets predicted millennia ago that which we experience today. You will explore how a nation that began with one man from present-day Iraq, grew into a world power. However, it eventually lost its power, land, and reputation, and then had a second chance to make a difference among the nations through one who was known as Messiah.

NOTE: Required textbook must be purchased separately.