Saturday Workshops


Art of Dealing With Loneliness, Depression and Suicide for Teachers

3 Units
In Person
11/13/21 - Due to COVID-19 requirements, Dr. Torbati's workshops will be held via Zoom until further notice. Registration for Zoom classes close the Friday before at noon. FPU will notify Dr. Torbati of your registration and she will send out the required reading and Zoom link.

A crisis is emerging that seems likely to pose as a serious threat to public health as obesity or substance abuse, it is social isolation. Neuroscientists have identified regions of the brain that respond to loneliness, and a powerful body of research shows that lonely people/students are more likely to become ill, experience cognitive decline, and die early. Across the industrialized world, millions of people live with very thin human contact, putting their well-being at risk as they put new pressures on health and learning and drop out ratio. How to remedy loneliness, or help to cure it? How does loneliness alter the brain, and how can we treat this!
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