Online Workshops


Learning Theories: Common Core in Mind

3 Units
This online course is an introduction to the important classical treatments of the nature of learning. As such, it covers some of the most influential psychological thinking of the 20th and 21st Centuries. In part, the course will deal with learning theories as they relates to Common Core, and the history of psychological thought, because to study the past leads to an appreciation of the present and an anticipation of the future. In large measure we will concentrate on intellectual and theoretical issues, but we will have to be sensitive to considerations of empirical research verification. And even though the course emphasizes theoretical matters, there is the hope that we will also gain insights into practical applications. We will assume that relatively permanent behavioral change is the hallmark of learning, and, therefore, by studying the independent and dependent variables of learning, we might come to understand the dynamics of human development, therapeutic modification, educational achievement, and other significant forms of behavioral change.