Dr. Rick Yohn Bible Course


Exploring God's Word

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This is a FULLY ONLINE course and can be started at any time.
This course is for non-leader participants of a small group only. The group leader must register for BIB 030.

The Bible is the most important document we have on our bookshelf. Through it we learn of God's incredible love story of his creation and his desire to connect with us on a personal level. Yet most people today know very little about the Bible, its overall themes, how it fits together, how to know that it is a reliable resource, or how to apply it to one's life. This course will explore several evidences for the authenticity of the Bible as a trustworthy resource, provide an overview of the entire Bible and see the major themes that flow through the Old and New Testaments. You will develop methods for maintaining a personal Bible study, developing a Biblical worldview, and cultivating a deeper walk with God. This course is designed for individuals or small group leaders and includes a comprehensive study guide.