MS Excel


Excel 2 (Intermediate)

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Excel 2: Excel is among the most widely used computer applications in the workplace. Its powerful features allow you to manage budgets, chart data, predict success. But Excel goes far beyond just number crunching. In Excel 2 (Intermediate) we will be addressing many of the most powerful features such as Names, Linking, Sorting, Filtering, Advanced Functions, Charting and Graphic Tools. These skills are pivotal for those looking for a job in the business or financial sector. You will be guided through each step as you gain proficiency with higher level formulas and formatting. At the completion of this course you will be well versed in not only the more useful and powerful Excel functions, you will know how to continue your mastery of Excel. Students taking this course must have a rudimentary knowledge of Excel (Excel 1 - Beginner) and access to Microsoft Excel 2011 or later on either platform.