Critical Thinking Stack

Kind Critiquing - INT-1576T

Kind Critiquing: Feedback that is timely, specific, actionable, and positive "kind critiquing" can increase students' motivation to go further and deeper in their learning. View Microcredential

Systems Thinking - INT-1576T1

Systems Thinking: Understanding how connections and feedback loops work in complicated systems helps students build systems thinking and complex problem-solving skills. View Microcredential

Productive Researching - INT-1575F1

Productive Researching: Using a structured approach to getting the most out of finding, evaluating, and using information in the researching process. View Microcredential

Sound Decision-Making - INT-1575E1

Sound Decision-Making: Taking the time to fully explore the options and possible outcomes of decisions, including discussions and reflections from others, makes for better and deeper decisions. View Microcredential

Effective Reasoning - INT-1575F

Effective Reasoning: Using a logical scientific reasoning process to develop and test a hypothesis related to a learning challenge. View Microcredential