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Intro Innovative Educators - CITEC-900

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Register for the Innovative Educators Certificate program (CITEC 900) which includes the Introduction and the 5 required courses (CITEC 901-905). The 2017 Fall Cohort begins November 6, 2017, and is being offered for 5 months, 15 units, and a reduced price!

FPU/CPD has partnered with CUE, an 8000 member educational non-profit, to offer the Innovative Educator Certificate (IEC). This 5 month Cohort is led by top flight educators that comprise some of the most energetic, innovative educational thinkers available. The IEC Instructors include Apple Distinguished Educators, Google Certified Innovators and veteran CUE Rock Star Faculty members. The IEC instruction provides the best access to state-of-the-art tools and mindsets for 1:1, edtech and PBL styled learning.

IEC participants will be able to earn a Google Educator Level 1 Certificate and will spend time working in Google Classroom, leveraging all of the collaborative and creative power of Google Apps for Education in this graduate-level Certificate program.

Participants must have access to an iPad, Android, or other tablet. The tablet is not included in the registration price.

NOTE: Completion of this Certificate (18 units) transfers as 9 units into the FPU Curriculum and Instruction Online Master's Degree Program: http://grad.fresno.edu/programs/master-arts-curric ulum-and-teaching-fully-online-strand

Course Type: Online

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