Cal Poly, SLO - Ag Ed

CATA Regional Meeting/Road Show (2018-2019 School Year) - INT 1603

The Road Show is a professional development opportunity for teachers and administrators and is based on State and National Instructional Initiatives in Agriculture Education. These educational initiatives have been prompted by state and national reform efforts, shifting career opportunities within the agricultural industry, and the recommendations by teachers and administrators. New directions for Agricultural Education in the 21st century include dynamic changes, which will challenge students and create career pathways to success. It is therefore critical that we develop an understanding of these new initiatives and concepts in order to incorporate these instructional activities into our agricultural programs. For specific details contact the Regional Supervisor for Agricultural Education in the region in which you reside.

Regional Meetings is a time to gather as a group and be part of discussions that affect agricultural education occurs at the Fall and Spring Region Meetings. Teachers work together through critical topics to improve and enhance agricultural education in middle schools, secondary schools, community colleges and universities. For agenda's and details, contact the Regional Supervisor in your area.

New Professionals Institute (November 7-8, 2018) - INT 1606

The purpose of this conference is to provide resources for teachers in year 1- 3 of their professional career.  The institute focuses on providing a variety of resources, skills, and support to help new professionals achieve success.  Professional development sessions in program management, student management, curriculum building and planning, personal success skills, and industry tours are all part of the program.  This two-day event is typically held in November each year and offers different activities for participants as a progressive conference in year 1, 2 and 3.  For course related questions, please contact Robert Flores,

Advanced Leadership (December 5-7, 2018) - INT 1607

The goal of this conference is to help prepare agricultural educators for assuming future leadership roles within the Agricultural Education profession. Leadership opportunities in Agricultural Education exist at the local, district, region, state and national level. This conference will focus on self-awareness, leadership skill development, and working collaboratively. In addition, the conference will be assisting those individuals interested in potentially filling those positions to acquire and master the traits to successfully transition into leadership segments within Agricultural Education.  For course related questions, please contact Robert Flores,

Student Teacher Conclave (January 10-11, 2019) – INT 1608

Student Teacher Conclave, 1/10/19 – 1/11/19.  The purpose of this conference is to provide student teachers an opportunity to improve their skills and abilities in areas such as instructional techniques, classroom and program management, curriculum development, and student organization implementation.  This two-day event is typically held in January and contains professional development sessions presented by expert agriculture teachers and teacher educators from schools and universities statewide.  For course related questions, please contact Robert Flores,

Cooperating/Supervising Teacher Institute (February 4-5, 2019) – INT 1609

This conference focuses on preparing and developing supervising (Cooperating) teachers who may be working with student teachers from various universities during their student teaching experience.  The purpose is to strengthen the preparation of new teachers, and provide assistance to those teachers who serve as Cooperating Teachers.  In addition, the institute will begin to cultivate additional teachers and programs who may want to participate in the future.  Sessions are dedicated to helping the Cooperating teachers in their work assisting the student teachers with the development of their skills in the classroom, with FFA, and the supervised agriculture experience supervision.  For course related questions, please contact Robert Flores,