Faculty Shot

Steve Young

Just as my mother lived from the dawn of the automobile to watching men walk on the moon, I have witnessed the computer shrink in size from a railroad car to a fingernail; from costing more than an apartment building to less than a pair of shoes.

After nearly thirty years in education I have worked with students, teachers, and administrators in various capacities - classroom teacher, lecturer, trainer, and technology coordinator. I have always strived to find the ‘best way’ to instruct. If a pencil does the job best, use a pencil. Simple. But the world is not simple, and there are things students need to know and understand that require a depth of knowledge, best reached through the long - promised power of technology.

This promise, made decades ago, is finally being fulfilled - simple, easy to use devices that can be held like a close friend, controlled by a mere touch of the finger, offering nearly endless educational possibilities. I am referring, of course, to the iPad. No moving parts, no cumbersome knobs or buttons - only the learning remains - directly flowing to the eyes, the ears, the fingers, the mind.

Teaching educators about the iPad (as I do with TEC 964), its use and benefits, has been the capstone of my career. Never before have I seen so many teachers marvel at how it has enhanced their classroom. After nearly thirty years in education, it is still fun to watch the light bulbs go on!

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