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Joyce Inouye

I believe everyone has weaknesses, as well as God divine strengths. It is in the weaknesses, that we can become vulnerable and dependent on what helps us in these areas, which can be positive or negative. This is where my passions begin. With the high hope, prayer and expertise that I can be used to help individuals know that "in Christ Jesus, when we are weak, we have the opportunity to be strong through Him." When we lean on the Lord in His power and strength, we align ourselves with a reliance on God who can do all things. We can recognize our limitations, and understand that God has no limitations. We can, because He can..., and this is a healing and empowering Truth.

Educating others so they can break free from the lies of hopelessness fuels my passions. God's sovereignty covers all, including Learning Disabilities and challenges. We are identified not by what we do, or how we learn, but in who He is, what He has done. There is strength through the perseverance; creativity, in seeking other ways; and character, in the lessons through the process.

We battle against the lies that there is no hope for students with unique learning needs. This battleground is universal, as students battle learning across the nations in all cultures and in every age. God has divinely placed these students with unique learning needs in our classes not only for their benefit, but also for ours as their teachers. God will use these students to bring the best out of us, alongside the worst. Would you join the ministry to bring God's Truth to those with learning challenges?

Teaching students with special learning needs, and training others, has been my passion and ministry for over 35 years. God has blessed me with the joy to teach those from K-12th grade with learning disabilities and special needs, and the privilege to teach graduate courses, train teachers & administrators, and support ACSI Christian schools with special need ministries in Southern California by speaking opportunities, training and course work. My experiences are unique, in that God has given me teaching opportunities in the public schools, private Christian schools and specialized special need schools for the county. Recently, my private practice in La Habra, California, outreaches in the cities of Hakuba, Ome, and Tokyo in Japan, and with future aspirations to minister in China and Bangladesh.

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