Faculty Shot

Bonnie Walker

I love to teach. I can’t say it any plainer than that. Teaching makes me feel incredibly alive. I am thrilled to watch a student grow to achieve his or her potential and I love to help other educators make this happen too.

I completed my Master of Education in Reading and Literacy in the online environment, and thrived as I did so. I became a leader within my core group and started an online chat and support group to assist other teacher/students as we finished our degrees together.

After completion, I longed to continue working within the same setting. Teaching online was the answer. My courses are designed around proven research-based practices and strategies, and as a life-long learner I am constantly seeking new ways to reach and inspire my fellow educators. The online environment provides a safer and less anxiety-producing teaching/learning experience. It offers an opportunity for community with interaction between participants and with me. I enthusiastically make myself available to everyone, sharing my experiences, helping with technology, and more. I truly enjoy the one-on-one interaction with each one of the teachers in my courses.

I look forward to traveling with you on this journey of education. Come and learn with me!

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