Faculty Shot

Kevin Scritchfield

I absolutely love sharing my knowledge and experiences with other educators. I have been a public high school math and computer applications instructor for over 26 years now and I have helped my wife homeschool our two children all the way through school. They are now 16 and 17 and both working on their bachelor’s degrees.

I am very passionate about serving my students and attempting to keep up with integrating as much technology as I can within the parameters of my curriculum. I have especially enjoyed teaching adults as I love to hear how creative they get with taking the things that I share with them and integrating them into their own classroom or work situation.

I believe you will find learning about Cloud Computing will provide a host of tools at your disposal for your use as well as your students’ use. And I have learned more myself through my use of Twitter than any other professional development in my career. It’s one of those things that you have to not only try, but learn how to use some tools that will make it productive professionally for you.

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