Fresno Pacific University Continuing Education

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Professional Development is Possible.
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Fresno Pacific University is the Central Valley’s only accredited Christian University offering continuing education and professional development for teachers and administrators. Through a variety of independent study graduate-level courses, certificates, workshops and more, we endeavor to meet the increasing need for professional growth desired by K-14 educators. Our courses are offered in both online and correspondence formats, so professionals can improve their knowledge base and build their skills at their convenience.

Accredited by the Western Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), we provide educators with continuing education opportunities to help find new ways to inspire and engage students, improving student outcomes through professional development. Workshops include school districts in California, Montana and other states with open enrollment workshops. Fresno Pacific’s unique Restorative Strategies program introduces educators to alternative strategies for overcoming challenging behaviors and transforming them into opportunities.

Our competency-based professional learning courses offer the tools educators are looking for with the flexibility they need. Explore the ways in which Fresno Pacific can help you and your school through continuing education.

This class was phenomenal for me personally and I'm so very glad that I came across this class and decided to take it. This is one of the few classes that I have taken that directly relates to exactly what I teach on a yearly basis. This class gave me a vast array and plethora of teaching ideas, techniques and experiments to use immediately in my health classes.
Dunmore, PA