June 15-19 & June 22-26, 2020
Summer Institutes - $300-$600 each

Our Summer Educator Institutes are designed to help you as a teacher or school leader the opportunity to advance your skillset and expertise within a specific area. You'll be able to take what you learn during our institute courses and implement new theories and strategies with your students. Our pathways begin with a one or two-week credit-bearing institute. You’ll be introduced to further program opportunities to advance your knowledge and skills which focus on high-need areas of study for educators. For Institute participants who wish to continue these professional pathways, FPU provides financial counseling, academic advising, and convenient enrollment and registration processes at the end of the Institutes.

"Thanks everyone for a positive and interactive program. Definitely a lot that can be applied to work and personal life. I appreciate the constructive feedback as I processed and reflected on my learning.” ~ Peacemaking Institute student

"The support and networking with the people associated with AIMS Center has been very rewarding and supportive. I have really enjoyed the sharing of ideas and innovation with a focus on child/student learning.” ~ STEAM Learning Institute student

"This course provided me with a great deal of information on how to be a leader in my school. It also provided the supports and steps necessary to change workplace culture for the better.” ~ Doers Institute student

"Very informative. Got so much that I can immediately use in my classroom. Great instruction from the most amazing professors. What I learned in this course, will be the basis of how I will teach my students next year!" ~ Literacy Institute student

Highlights of the Summer Institutes

  • 2-day to 2-week summer programs (depending on Institute)
  • 1-3 units of graduate or graduate-level credit (depending on Institute)
  • Learn alongside fellow teachers with similar challenges
  • Learn from highly qualified instructors with experience in both K-12 and higher education
  • All Summer Institutes will be offered Online to support state and federal executive orders. FPU's COVID-19 Information Page

Summer Institutes

Math Institute

  • The Math Institute is designed for multiple subjects teachers interested in teaching middle school math. You’ll receive 2units of Continuing Education graduate credit to prepare for 10 graduate credit math units that may be applied towards the Supplemental Authorization in Math.
  • Dates/Location: June 22-26, 2020 | 8:30a-3:30p | Online
  • Cost: $330 | Register Now (spots are limited)

Peacemaking Institute 

  • Our Peacemaking Institute is designed for all educators seeking to further their skills in conflict resolution. You’ll receive 3 units of Continuing Education graduate credit that can be used towards a 15-unit Certification in Peacemaking from Fresno Pacific University.
  • Dates/Location: June 15-19, 2020 | 9:00a-2:00p | Online
  • Cost: $400 | Register Now (spots are limited)

Computer Science Institute

  • Our Computer Science Institute is designed for K-12 teachers who want to integrate computational thinking into the curriculum or teach AP Computer Science classes. You’ll receive 3 units of graduate credit towards the 12-15 unit Computer Science Authorization program.
  • Dates/Location: June 15-19, 2020 | 8:30a-3:30p | Online
  • Cost: $600 | Register Now (spots are limited)

Civic Education Institute

  • Our Civic Education Institute is designed for U.S. History teachers (grades 5, 8 and 11). You’ll receive two units of Continuing Education credit that can be used towards a Civic Education Certificate from Fresno Pacific University. 
  • Dates/Location: June 22-26, 2020 | 9:00a-1:30p | Online
  • Cost: $350 | Register Now (spots are limited)

STEAM Learning Institute

  • Join us for a fun-filled interactive week in which participants will engage with us and each other around the joy of STEAM learning in the early childhood classroom.  During this week we will explore the overlapping ideas of play, embodied learning, and spatial understanding through the natural integration involving STEAM concepts. You’ll receive 2 units of Continuing Education graduate credit.
  • Dates/Location: June 15-19, 2020 | 8:30a-2:30p | Online
  • Cost: $350 | Register Now (spots are limited)

Doers Institute

  • The Doers Institute is an open learning forum where participants explore the challenges facing those who are called to be "doers of the word, and not hearers only ..."(James 1:22). Participants in this course will learn how to help doers find success not only in the classroom but beyond the classroom. You’ll receive 1 unit of Continuing Education graduate credit.
  • Dates/Location: June 15-17, 2020 | 9:00a-2:00p | Online
  • Cost: $300 | Register Now (spots are limited)