Online Classes begin in May 2020

Are you a multiple or single subject teacher who wants to integrate computer science principals into your K-12 instruction?  Do you want to teach AP Computer Science Courses at the high school level?  Through the expertise of FPU instructors and our online classroom, complete 4 classes to earn an Introductory Authorization and teach in grades 9 and below, or add one more class to earn a Specific Authorization to teach computer science through grade 12 and adults.

Highlights of the Certificate in Peacemaking

  • Fully online coursework
  • All 3-unit courses are 8 weeks in length. You complete one course at a time.
  • Grasp new concepts alongside other teachers
  • Tuition - $600 per course
  • Learn from highly qualified instructors with experience in computer science, both K-12 and higher education.

Certificate in Peacemaking
5 courses (15 units) - $3xxx Total Cost


Foundation Courses (9 units)

  • PACS-900: Basic Institute (5-day face-to-face or 5-week blended option)
  • PACS-901: Foundations for Peacemaking
  • PACS-90X: Trauma Informed Practices

Sector Specific Electives (3 units) (select one)

Education Track 
  • PACS-910: Discipline that Restores
  • PACS-911: Trauma-Informed Teaching
Business Track 
  • PACS-920: Conflict and Peacemaking in Organizations
  • PACS-921: Peacemaking and Organizational Practices and Support Services
Criminal Justice Track 
  • PACS-930: 
  • PACS-931: 
Healthcare Track 
  • PACS-940: Conflict and Peacemaking in Healthcare
  • PACS-941: Trauma-Informed Healthcare Practice
Community Well-being Track
  • PACS-950: Reconciliation Across Racial Barriers
  • PACS-9xx: Community Safety
  • PACS-9xx: City Government

The Practices in Peacemaking (3 units)

  • PACS-1xxx: VORP Mediation Training (1-day/8-hours)
  • PACS-1xxx: Restorative Circle Training (1-day/8-hours)
  • PACS-1xxx: Victim Offender Dialogue (VOD) (5-days/40-hours)
  • PACS-1xxx: Ahimsa Realize Intimate Violence Training(5-days/40-hours)
  • PACS-1xxx: Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA) (2-days/15-hours)
  • PACS-1xxx: Mental Health First Aidestorative Circle Training (1-day/8-hours)

Certificate in Peacemaking
15 units - $3xxx Total Cost

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