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CPM Core Connection Algebra 2 - MAT-1340B

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2 unit Algebra 2 Connections - Math problems will be modeled and course methods, pedagogy, and philosophy will be discussed as participants work toward a better understanding of what it means to be a teacher of CPM curriculum and what constitutes best practices in teaching mathematics.

Participants will become familiar with the structure and resources for the Core Connections Algebra 2 or Algebra 2 Connections Courses, including assessments and Internet resources.

Effective study team (cooperative learning groups) and teaching strategies will be modeled and discussed.

Participants will prepare and present a sample lesson from the CPM course.

Principles and Standards for School Mathematics and the Focal Points by the National Council of Participants of Mathematics (NCTM) will be used as a basis to address the principles of equity, curriculum teaching, learning, assessment, and technology. Both the Common Core Standards of Mathematical Content and the Standards of Mathematical Practice will be emphasized throughout.