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Brian Davis

Email: davisville6@gmail.com

Professional Experience: 20 Years

Scholarly Interests: Feedback Loops, Interpersonal Relations, Economics, History, Self-Improvement, Entrepreneurship

Publications: How to Win and Election: A Game Plan for Victory

Honors and Awards: 20 Year Service Medal, ACT Leadership Speaker, Honors Curriculum Speaker

Recommended Reading: DeCoded Company, Mindset, The Power of Habit, Outliers, The Fourth Turning, Excellent Sheep, Willpower, Crush It!

Favorite Music: 80s Heavy Metal, New Wave, Christian Hymns, Patriotic Music, Classical

Favorite Activities: Running, Exercising, Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Family , Magic Tricks

Home Church: Parkside Church

Family Info: Wife (Tina), Children (Hallie, Jessica, Andrew)

Favorite Bible Verse: "For unto a child is born, to us a son in given."

What Matters: Family… This is one of the only things you can take to Heaven with you! :)

Pet Peeves: Negativity and Self-doubt

Subject Expertise: 20 years organizing, orchestrating, and managing campaigns.

Education: M.Ed. John Carroll University B.A. Bowling Green State University

Home town: Twinsburg, OH

What I Like About FPU: High Quality Staff Who Go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty!

My Home Page: Teach2Win.com