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Edward Warkentin

I am drawn to courses that help us prepare our students for THEIR FUTURE, as opposed to OUR PAST. That is why I have developed “TEC-957 All Things Google” and “TEC-975 Effective Teaching Strategies with Technology”.

Email: warkentin.ed@gmail.com

Professional Experience: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 6th Grade, and 7th Grade. I have presented site-based technology professional development, as well as presented at local technology conferences. I have been a school technology coordinator, and have thoroughly enjoyed troubleshooting and staff development. I’ve also led some technology workshops through FPU.

Personal Experience: I have climbed Half Dome (in Yosemite, CA) twice. I really enjoy participating in leading worship at my church. Seeing my two boys grow up is a tremendous joy and challenge (I know that sounds stereotypical, but it's true!).

Honors and Awards: Elias Wiebe Award

Favorite Music: Worship music

Family Info: My wife and I have two boys 3 and 8 (as of 2011). I have a younger brother and sister.

Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 8:1, Philipians 4:13

What Matters: authenticity, safety, and genuineness in my relationships

Pet Peeves: Meaningless blinkers, errant/missing apostrophes, price tags that say (.99¢), bad grammar from adults that should know better...but most seriously: Christians that give Christ a bad reputation.

Subject Expertise: Technology, Elementary Multiple Subject

Education: 2006 – Masters in Educational Technology, Fresno Pacific University; 1996 - Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, Fresno Pacific University; 1995 - BA in Liberal Studies, Fresno Pacific University; 1991 - Immanuel High School, Reedley, CA

Home town: Reedley, CA

What I Like About FPU: I went to FPU as an undergraduate and for my Master's Degree. It has been an important place for me in my growth, learning, and development as a person. Now, on "the other side of the desk," I get to interact with the Fresno Pacific University community as an instructor for online courses. I take joy in continuing the positive, individualized, culture that I experienced. Using technology as a teaching tool motivates me AND my students.