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Web Publishing: Dreamweaver - TEC-935

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Web Publishing with Dreamweaver is designed for the beginning to experienced educators interested in learning the basics of Internet web page construction. The textbook will provide the teacher with the foundation for completing this course. The participants will be asked to construct various web pages while working through the textbook. In addition, a journal will be kept, along with a collection of Warnings, Tips, and Notes, three school or personal web pages and a lesson plan outline for teaching web page authoring to students. The textbook is designed around the application Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver MX 04 or higher is required for this course and is not provided in the materials. Students should have a copy of Dreamweaver or make sure they can secure a copy before registering for this course. More information and announcements can be found at www.jdiangelous.com.

Course Type: Distance

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