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Tech & School Administration - TEC-933

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The school of the 21st Century requires new technologies and Administrators that are able to use them. This course is about looking at new ways of doing things, of breaking out of our status quo practices and collectively finding a better way; one that results in better managed schools, improved achievement, and happier constituents. Participants must have access to a computer, the Internet, and Microsoft Office. The course topics include the use of applications to better manage data needs and a look at issues related to the use of technology in schools. Participants should gain a greater understanding of how technology can be used to increase achievement, improve student and parent involvement, manage campuses more effectively and efficiently, and develop a vision for the future of education. This class is appropriate for all levels of administration, both site and district. Instructional technology touches on two sets of standards; those technology standards that are part of the ISTE National Technology Standards, which identify standards related to the use of technology, and all other subject area standards where technology is included. This course touches on both, basic technology skills and on how technology can be used in the instructional program to increase achievement toward all subject area standards. K-12 Curriculum Need Education, as we know it today, is an institution that was created for a world that no longer exists. Our Industrial Age schooling model is beginning to break down as we enter the 21st Century and the Information Age. This new vision for schools requires a new type of school, new teaching methods, new learning alternatives, and most importantly, a new way of thinking. Who will be there to lead this change? Not only does this course meet all of the ISTE National Technology Standards, it impacts all aspects of school management and leadership. Site and district administration are expected to be curriculum leaders, able to direct resources and programs in such a way that increases learning. Technology will play an ever increasing role in the transformation of education and administrators must be on the cutting edge of that change, must guide and focus that change, and be ready to lead the schools in a new age.

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