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Troubleshooting the MacIntosh - TEC-914

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Trouble-shooting the Apple Computer is designed for the teacher, technology coordinator, principal or anyone working with solving Apple Computer problems. This course covers OS Lion 10.7 and Snow Leopard 10.6. Through the process of completing the required assignments, participants will develop strategies necessary to solve common problems. The course will also provide understanding of the Apple Computer in non-technical Plain old English terms. The textbook will provide participants with the information and skills necessary to successfully complete the course. Familiarity with word processing or database applications is expected. The course is appropriate for everyone from the near beginner to the almost expert. Additional information can be found at www.jdiangelous.com.

TEC 914 requires you to download the e-textbook from the author, print the syllabus from my Web site and request a grade online at the completion of the course. Please read the syllabus carefully!

Course Type: Distance

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