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Teaching & Learning Online - TEC-948

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Online education can provide the opportunity for students and educators to communicate and demonstrate mastery in ways that would be challenging in the traditional setting. TEC 948 Teaching and Learning Online was designed to prepare teachers with the background knowledge they will need for this challenge. In this course, the historical perspective of the dynamic evolution of online teaching and the driving forces behind it will be explored as well as the strategies, theories, and concepts that surround the online classroom.

Aligning effective pedagogy with engaging curriculum and a variety of technology tools, teachers will become empowered to be tomorrow's leaders in online teaching. Course participants will learn that while there are many similarities, online learning enjoys some fundamental differences that require a different approach to teaching. Throughout the course, the possibilities for matching learning objectives to assessments and creating student-centered activities will be explored through the use of emerging technology. In addition, course participants will develop a basic understanding of copyright and accessibility issues and how they apply in the age of the Internet. This course will strengthen the essential skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective online instructor and meet needs of 21st century students as identified in the National Educational Technology Plan.

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