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Computers in the Classroom - TEC-938

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The course begins by discussing the benefits and methodologies of integrating technology across the curriculum. Learning theory and social contexts, including special-needs students, gender equity, and equality of access are also addressed. Participants then select from a variety of hands-on exercises to create projects designed to model effective implementation of technology in the classroom. Knowledge of basic computer applications is assumed. Access to a computer and printer (black & white will suffice) is required to complete the course. All assignments may be completed without classroom participation. Instructor support is readily available by email or phone. Additional information may be found at www.steveyoungfpu.net

NOTE: The required text, The Computer as an Educational Tool - 5th ed., Forcier & Descy, ISBN-10: 0132433966, must be purchased separately (used or rented copy OK).

Course Type: Distance

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