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Multimedia: Digital Imaging - TEC-936

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Digital Imaging for Educators will focus on digital media with an emphasis on photography. The course will start at the beginning and lead you to understanding the basics of using digital photos and other digital media in the classroom. The techniques and concepts that you learn and apply to digital photography can also be applied to other types of digital media.

This course is designed to be enriching for all levels of computer users. Students will be asked to keep a journal, email the instructor, complete activities, and other assignments from the textbook. Students must possess or have access to a digital camera, a word processing application, and the Internet prior to registering for the course. Nice to have, but optional, would be access to a scanner. The textbooks for this course are Better Photo Basics and Tips & Tricks for using Digital Photography. More information can be found at http://www.jdiangelous.com.

Course Type: Distance

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