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Video Production - iMovie - TEC-931

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Becoming A Movie Mogul With Apple?s iMovie is designed for the beginner to experienced educator interested in learning the basics of creating and editing movies. The textbook, iMovie 11 & iDVD by Jeff Carlson, will provide the foundation for completing this course. The participants will be asked to edit and create various movies while working through the textbook.

iMovie 09 or higher is required for this course and is not provided in the materials. In addition, you may need the full version of QuickTime Pro and iTunes (free from Apple). Internet access is required for this course. Students should have a copy of iMovie 09 or higher or make sure they can secure a copy before registering for this course. Students are required to download the syllabus and download and purchase the e-book for this course. The e?book is compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch,Kindle, Android, Nook, Sony Reader, Windows Phone 7, and iMac. Links for the syllabus and e-book are at http://www.jdiangelous.com/imovie.html. More information and announcements can be found at www.jdiangelous.com. iMovie is for Apple products only.

Course Type: Distance