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Spanish Communication-Adv Int - SPAN-901

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Intermediate Spanish is a blended textbook/online course and is designed to teach oral and written communication through speaking, listening, reading and writing in the Spanish language. The student uses a printed modern textbook (Nexos, 2014), online vocabulary support and development, and online audio and video input tailored to build student acquisition of Spanish. The printed textbook is the starting point and organized learning tool for SPAN 901. All student work is done online.

The student begins each lesson by front loading vocabulary with online practice. Once in hand, this vocabulary grows as the student uses it to listen to audio and to watch short video each created just for the given theme of that lesson. The student is supported with carefully designed helps as he/she demonstrates competence by responding in writing and speaking. The themes are clothing and shopping, eating out, life around the house, childhood, pop culture, health and the body, the world of work, and travel. Grammar topics include the imperfect tense, irregular preterit verbs, the subjunctive mood both present and past, and the perfect tenses. All of the graded activities will require that the student have a computer with internet access with support for Flash, as well as a microphone and audio speakers.

NOTE: SPAN 900 is a prerequisite for SPAN 901 except by instructor approval. The textbook for SPAN 900 is also used in SPAN 901, so if you take SPAN 901 after taking 900 you will not need to purchase the textbook again.

Course Type: Distance

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