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Vietnam War: Video History - SOC-977

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The Vietnam War created divisions in the American political body like no other conflict since the Civil War. Those divisions were both about the role of America in the world and the structure of American society. Thus the course permits us to look at important internal issues in US history, its place on the world stage, Vietnamese history and the way in which localized conflicts became part of the larger Cold War between East and West. The eleven part series (one hour each) begin with the roots of the conflict and trace it through the American withdrawal in 1975 and beyond.

The course is designed for educators in middle and high school. The assignments are intended to produce practical classroom application. The course interacts between Stanley Karnow, Vietnam: A History text, Vietnam, the PBS television series and the accompanying PBS web site. The three provide intriguing possibilities for creative classroom learning.

NOTE: Required course materials must be purchased separately. All necessary materials can be acquired through internet retailers and on-line access.

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